alpiTrentino is a country that does not need to be introduced.

Its mountains, woods, the landscape speak on their own about the best you may find in the valley!
A unique country, rich of natural resources a tourist centre, an incredible monument for the environment.

The valley is located in an interesting area in the west side of Trentino. The position is very interesting from PASSO TONALE to Val di Non  (famous for Golden Apples) for 50 km around. It is surrounded by ridges of about 3500 m high.
On the south side the Brenta Group, on the North side the Ortles Cevedale and on the west side the Adamello-Presanella. Bordered by the Noce, a wild river, suitable for the water sports as whitewater rafting kayaking-canyoing for which it became also site of World Championship. Many minor streams flows Noce rivers, Rabbies, Vermigliana and Meledrio.
The valley is inside two Parks, in the north side the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvioand in the south  side Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta. Other  2 valleys are widen in the same touristic area: Val di Rabbi and Val di  Pejo both extremely important from  flora and fauna point of view.
The economical resources are mostly linked to the tourism, except for the southern territory characterized by Apple trees culture thanks to the milder climate.
Animal housbrandy and wood carving, in the past important economical activities, are today of secondary importance even if present.
lagotorrenteThe opportunities of un unforgettable holidays in Val di Sole are lots: a wide range of walking tours suitable for each kind of training, Mountain Biking  down through Passo Tonale. The richness of waters given by Noce river and its flows allows to experience  water emotional sports rafting and canoa-kayak, canyoning and more other sports more or less estreme.
During the winter time the Valley offers 290 km of skiing runs and  115 lifts to experience the most fascinating snow sports.

Do not forget the typical cuisine definitely interesting and of big personality. Made of "Poor Ingredients" but able to became rich for the cooking real lovers. ciboMilk products are for sure of great personality:   ricotta cheese, butters, milks, wonderful cheeses between them  "casolet" and  "grana trentino" (most of milk products are from milky cows). For what meats is concerned the swine is present under specific characteristics as"luganeghe". Mushrooms are very common on the table . Most famous local cookings are mush, roe and mushrooms and then   tortei  di patate, strangolapreticanederli, capelazi, cheese and strudel.  A particular mention to "mela Golden" the famous apples.
You will fall in love with our cooking !

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