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trentino EURORAFTING was founded in 1999 by Fabio Bezzi, who has been assuming an environmental policy since the beginning. The ?respect philosophy? is basically the need to protect the natural resourcing which is also strictly connected to the sports (both water and not). EURORAFTING centre is situated in Val di Sole in Trentino it is a little paradise surrounded by high mountains and crossed  by the Noce river. It was born to share and to spread the passion for rafting and it has grown massively through the years, offering now different activities to help the interaction between man and nature .

Both if you are looking for rest or for strong emotions , Eurorafting will remain in your memory.
If you are one amongst the most darings, emotional and involving experiences of rafting are waiting for you on the wild Noce river (famous also because it was chosen for playing the canoe-kayak world championships). Yet Noce is suitable for different expectations, relaxing and fascinating in its most quite flow and adrenalinic in its wild streams!

"You can get in contact with nature in an active way, quietly walking, biking or by a whitewater rafting. I have been practicing this sport since 1999 and I can tell you that each different moment you live during the rafting experience is special. It is not important if you are trained or if it is the first time you ship the rubber dinghy: it is special and surely you will appreciate it!" Fabio Bezzi

If what you are looking for is an unforgettable experience, Eurorafting will give you the chance to live one, organizing Mountainbike downhill: a total immersion in Nature's life, crossing forests, fields, coasting streams and falls?obviously a qualified instructor will go with you?you just have to bike and enjoy?we will give you all the assistance and professionality.
rafting Special instructors will make you experience the wonderful world of canoe-kayak to let you discover secrets and pleasures. We will start from the pool to learn the Eskimo, an essential trick to help you never leaving the canoe when you're into the water. The next step will be facing streaming water.
You will be crazy about it!

If you won't be enough excited by rafting or kayaking, you may experience the incredible Hydrospeed, totally dipped into the river down the impetuous stream, taming the waves, equipped just with diving suit, flippers, crash helmet and life jacket!
Eurorafting is much more anyway: unforgettable adventures  down natural water slides, falls, dives and rock-gorges Canyoning.

There is nothing like  Quad riding. If you are crazy for challenges, mud, jumps and speed then this experience is made for you. You could be driving deep into the heart of the forest, up and down hills or across the fields.

Great sport if you like that sort of thing, Archery! It is the most common and well established sport all over the world. Maybe you will discover to be the Robin Hood of our times.

laghetto If you need to relax in quietness and peace you may take a dip into our little clean lake and then rest on our wonderful green lawn close to the snack bar, where you may have a barbecue! After a sandwich and a refreshing drink you can finish your day with a beach volley match.

Let Eurorafting staff help you choose activities and accomodation that are best for you. In summer or winter your vacation will be an active vacation strictly connected to nature and outdoor activities.

Sometimes is nice to stop and take a look around, especially when the landscape is worth it! That's why we propose horse riding tours and sledging tours with horse-sleds or dog-sleds to forget stress and dip yourself into an ancient atmosphere.

By us you will find whatever you may need!

Remember that Eurorafting is not only rafting, canoe, hydrospeed, downhill, etc... Thanks to agreements with other operators, we can offer other kind of activities such as: helicopter tours,  dinner on an Alpine house, trekking, discounts on typical products...
Visit us and discover everything we can offer!

euroraftingWhat we have more than others and what less

Our strength is the atmosphere we create: it is not a confused and overcrowded centre, it is custom made for man and environment. No pushing frames, but only low impact ecological structures. This is our philosophy: less chaos, more quietness, particular attention to the environment. We preserve a large area with a green lawn and a little lake to remind you constantly where you are: in a spectacular valley.
The centre enforces an eco-sustainable policy auto-supplying itself with solar panels and a waterwheel hydroelectric system, separate collection of rubbish and particular attention to balance between men and environment!

What we offer more than others is a complete journey, including in the package all that you need and all that you wish. We will select the perfect accommodation for you, the activities you wish to experience, following you during the choice and the programming, we will also provide the skipass and whatever comes in your head!!

Moreover we will organize alpine refuge dinners, hikes with snow shoes, contests, parties, promotional packages, courses and competitions... Stay tuned on the news to catch your chance!

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