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    May 1sth 2019: Season Opening! We wait for you! Cheers from Italy!


    Descent Rafting Full Immersion + drink Eat & Drink + Photos and Video of the descent = 45 Euro…


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Trentino, Val di Sole and Noce river

Trentino is a country that doesn't need to be introduced.

Its mountains, woods and the landscape speak by their own voice!
A unique country, rich of natural resources a tourist centre, an incredible monument for the environment.

The valley is located in a beautiful area in the West side of Trentino: from Passo Tonale to Val di Non (famous for Golden Apples) covering a length of about 50 km. It is surrounded by mountains, with peaks that reach the height of 3500 metres.

On the South side the Brenta Group, on the North side the Ortles-Cevedale Group and on the West side the Adamello-Presanella Group. Bordered by the Noce, a wild river, ideal for water sports as whitewater rafting, kayaking-canyoing for which it's been also location of World and European Championship.

Many minor streams run into Noce river: Rabbies, Vermigliana and Meledrio are some of them.

The valley is inside two National Parks: in the North side the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio and in the South side Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta. Other 2 valleys are widen in the same touristic area: Val di Rabbi and Val di Pejo, both extremely important from flora and fauna point of view.

The economical resources are mostly linked to the tourism, except for the southern territory characterized by Apple trees cultures, that flourish thanks to the milder climate of that area.

Animal housbrandy and wood carving, in the past important economical activities, are today of secondary importance even if present.

The richness of Noce waters and of its flows allow to experience emotional sports like rafting, kayak, canyoing and tarzaning.
During winter time the Valley offers about 290 km of skiing slopes served by 115 lifts, to experience the most fascinating snow sports.

Don't forget the typical cuisine definitely delighting and of big personality. Made with "Poor Ingredients" but able to become rich for the real food lovers.

Milk products are for sure of great taste: ricotta cheese, butter, milk, wonderful cheeses like "casolet" and "grana trentino".

Most famous local cookings are “luganeghe” made from swine meat, local wild roe, mushrooms, tortei di patate, strangolapreti, canederli, capelazi, cheese and strudel.

A particular mention to "mela Golden" the famous apples, which grow in the lower part of the Valley.
You will fall in love with our cooking!

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Via di Sotto Pila, 6

38026 Cusiano di Ossana (TN) Italy


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Via III Novembre, 41 - 38026 Fucine di Ossana (TN) Italy

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