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Experience the thrill of whitewater rafting down the beautiful rapids of Noce river.

We're proud to say that Noce stands at 9th place in World's Top Whitewater Rafting Rivers, and many important games have taken place here, like the European Rafting Championships and the World Kayak Championships.

In total respect and harmony with nature, we offer you the chance to try this fabulous experience with your family or with your friends.

One section of the river is more quiet, that's where we will bring even children from 5/6 years old. The other section of the river becomes stronger and powerful, and that's where kids and adults will enjoy their descent!

The thing in common between different types of descents is that you'll be in total safety and of course total FUN!
Before every rafting trip we give the necessary informations about safety tips and rafting commands.

We have special discounts for children up to 130 cm tall.


  • What should i bring with me?
    • Shoes that can get wet (sport shoes, laced sandals, sailing shoes, etc.) NO flip-flops and slippers!!
    • Swimming suit (wear it under the wetsuit)
    • Thin layer with long sleeves (micropile or technical cloth) in case of cold weather
    • Everything you need if you want to take a shower when you finish the activity
    • Dry change (shoes and underwear)
  • Technical and safety gear provided by Eurorafting:
    • Wetsuit
    • Spray jacket
    • Life jacket
    • Helmet
    • Paddle
    • We do NOT provide rafting shoes!
  • How does it work?
    • Meeting point at our office, 20 minutes before to sign in and pay the activity.
    • At the given time you'll be headed to the changing area where we'll give you all the equipment you need.
    • When you're dressed the Guides will give a lesson about safety and will explain you how to participate actively in the descent.
    • At put out our van will be waiting for you to bring you back to the base, where you'll have the chance to take a warm shower and get changed back to dry clothes.
  • Where can I leave my valuables?
    Every object can be left in the locked cars or in the changing rooms. We don't have lockers, but the rooms will be locked while you'll be in the river. It is forbidden to leave anything at the office or at the bar.
  • What happens in case of bad weather, like rainy, cold or windy days?
    We do rafting with every condition, since you're wearing a wetsuit, rain will not annoy you more than river splashes! In the event that we will consider dangerous situations like heavy rains or very high water levels, we will notify you instantly by phone to delay or cancel the activity.
  • Who can do rafting?
    Rafting is a sport that can be practiced by everyone who is at least 5 years old, weighing 105 kg maximum.
  • What are the risks I'll take doing rafting?
    You can fall out of the raft, but don't worry, it's part of the game! Our Guides are experts and are always ready to rescue you. Also, you'll be wearing all the safety floatation gear. If you want to avoid it, anyway, you must pay attention at the preceding lesson, following commands during the descent.
  • What kind of experience or body work out do I need to do rafting?
    You don't need any kind of experience or body preparation, you'll be instructed at the moment with everything you'll need to know and talking about your body, it's enough to be under 105 kg and not to have any serious problem. If you have questions about it, please feel free to ask us!

...a little bit of history...
Since the Babilonians we have evidences of pneumatic vessels. Obviously the way of going down whitewater river was extremely different from the actual concept of rafting which was born in the States.
The most darings experienced the big American rivers on simple drift boats.

Then at the beginning of the 80's the raft became an European reality, expanding also in Italy since the creation of the Italian Rafting Association.

It is not particularly risky, to descend rivers on these drift boats because of the support of experienced instructors.
Whitewater rafting is best experienced in groups (also family). The only requirement is to be able to swim.

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A trip for little rafters, we run it in a quiet section of the river, from Cusiano to Mezzana.

about 1 hour€ 23,00


The classic trip for everyone. It's run in the high valley section and it's a crescendo of adrenaline until the strongest part with the rapids. Then in the last placid section you'll have the chance to admire the beautiful landscape of the valley.

about 1 hour and a half€ 35,00


All the Noce River - Val di Sole! 25 Km of pure Adrenaline!

about 3 hours and a half€ 75,00

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Sede estiva

Via di Sotto Pila, 6

38026 Cusiano di Ossana (TN) Italy


Sede legale

Via III Novembre, 41 - 38026 Fucine di Ossana (TN) Italy

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