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    Book your RAFTING EXPERIENCE... Stay in tents/Caravan FOR FREE!!!

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    Descent Rafting Full Immersion + drink Eat & Drink + Photos and Video of the descent = 48 Euro…

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    May 1sth 2018: Season Opening! We wait for you! Cheers from Italy!


Give an emotion with Eurorafting



Totally dipped into nature, this sport was born in Scandinavia more than a century ago.

It requires the use of intelligence as well as the use of strength.

With few simple tools, as a map and a compass, the players, divided into groups, have to explore the neighbouring land to find a sequence of check points, previously placed by the instructor.

We suggest this activity to groups, because it helps the team work and the link between players. Whether it's a group of kids or a team building work group you're welcome to try our orienteering games.

We will create a custom program for each group, according to your needs and your time table. We can also add more fun to the game, by adding objects to find for a final aim.

Don't hesitate to contact us for your personalised program!

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Sede estiva

Via di Sotto Pila, 6

38026 Cusiano di Ossana (TN) Italy


Sede legale

Via III Novembre, 41 - 38026 Fucine di Ossana (TN) Italy

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