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    Descent Rafting Full Immersion + drink Eat & Drink + Photos and Video of the descent = 45 Euro…

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    During the week one of six is free From Monday to Friday on the classic downhill "Full Immersion"…

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    The season is going to end soon, we want to thank everybody who was here with us! We're closing…


Give an emotion with Eurorafting



Totally dipped into nature, this sport was born in Scandinavia more than a century ago.

It requires the use of intelligence as well as the use of strength.

With few simple tools, as a map and a compass, the players, divided into groups, have to explore the neighbouring land to find a sequence of check points, previously placed by the instructor.

We suggest this activity to groups, because it helps the team work and the link between players. Whether it's a group of kids or a team building work group you're welcome to try our orienteering games.

We will create a custom program for each group, according to your needs and your time table. We can also add more fun to the game, by adding objects to find for a final aim.

Don't hesitate to contact us for your personalised program!

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Via di Sotto Pila, 6

38026 Cusiano di Ossana (TN) Italy


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Via III Novembre, 41 - 38026 Fucine di Ossana (TN) Italy

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