HydrospeedIf you’re looking for the most exciting challenges, Hydrospeed gives you the opportunity to get into the river. Diving suit, flippers, crash helmet, life jacket are the necessary equipment to dive in the water under the control of our experienced instructors. An exhilarating and adrenalin  activity for the bravest.
A teoric-pratical lesson on our private lake, to learn how to experience the thrills and spills of fast moving white water managing the hydrospeed in total security.  
[from Cusiano to Mezzana]


Faq - Hydrospeed
What to wear?
The centre supplies the necessary equipment: termic diving suit, flippers, helmet, life vest, hydrospeed etc.
To bring with (not supplied):
- diver shoes or tennis shoes  "to wet" (therefore unusable after the activitity)
- swimsuit
- t-shirt  "to wet"
- towel.
It is dangerous?
The security is always under attention by Eurorafting. Experienced instructors will give you all the necessary info and support before and during the activity. The safety equipment life vest, helmet etc. are always supplied before starting. Before starting are carried out also short lessons to know useful instructions for security.
It fits children?
No it is not because hydrospeed means to swim inside the waves of the river. Therefore children under  15 years old and/or who are not very good swimmer  cannot practice this sport.
And if it is raining?
According to the weather the centre will organize the activities and eventually postpone them. In same cases rain is not a problem since rain or sun by us you will get wet anyway!
Is it necessary to have hydrospeed experience?
No it is not necessary. For hydrospeed you do not need nor training or experience but a good relationship with water. Anyway for  some special hydrospeed it is necessary to have previous experience.

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