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Downhill is a sport that will entertain everybody: with a special shock absorbing mountain bike and a qualified instructor at your disposal, you'll explore the valley in its tracks and off-tracks in absolute safety. Wild nature will be the main character of the tour, and as you will see with your own eyes, Val di Sole offers a moltitude of beautiful landscapes and that's why this has been the field for the 2008 Mountain Bike World's Championships. Eurorafting will provide you all you need for a downhill biking tour: the mountain bike, a helmet, the transfer to the starting point with our van and the instructor... You'll just have to fancy some fun!

Downhill route with instructor
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Faq - Mountain Bike
What to wear?
Tennis shoes and sport clothing (better if biking clothing), a windbreaker.
It is dangerous?
The security is always under attention by Eurorafting. . The bikers are always under tecnical revision and are equipped with brakes and shocks. The downhill has  not particularly risks. Obviously it is important before facing a downhill not to speed and to consider risks.
It fits children?
Yes it fits all the children, but for the little we suggest the parents ‘s presence (at least for the 8-12 years oldi; from 12 years old it is no more necessary).
It is necessary to have downhill experience?
No it is not necessary. For biking you do not need nor training or experience but a good relationship with water. Anyway for  some special mountain biking trip it is necessary to have previous experience.
And if it is raining?
According to the weather the centre will organize the activities and eventually postpone them. Remember to bring with you the windbreaker.

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